Career Guidance Talk

April 18th, 2015 – Rotary Club of Bangsar gave a Career Guidance Talk at Success Academy as part of the Vocational Service. There were about 50 students from Success Academy attended the talk.

Speakers include PP Abdullah, Rtn. Mona, Rtn. Adrian, Rtn. Sulaiman, and PP Charlie but special thanks go to President Anne, PP Mahesh and PP Dr. Palar for making the Career Guidance Talk possible. Most importantly, Rotary Club of Bangsar would like to extend the most heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Success Academy for inviting and giving this opportunity to Rotary Club of Bangsar to share the knowledge of various industries to the students.

The topics of this Career Guidance Talk covers Self Motivation, Accounting Industry, Real Estate industry, Information Technology, Banking Industry, and Effective Communication.

We hope this talk can provide valuable information to the students to help them in deciding their career path.

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